Brief dump truck
First, a brief description of the dump truck

Cars with automatic tipper vehicles. Also known as dump trucks, construction vehicles, the vehicle chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, PTO devices and cargo compartment components.
In civil engineering, often with excavators, loaders, conveyor and other joint operations, constitute loading, transportation and unloading production line, loading and unloading transport earth, gravel, loose material. Because the car is loaded automatically tipping angle discharge, discharge time and labor saving, shorten the transport cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and marked loading capacity. Is commonly used in the transport machinery.
Engine, chassis and cab structure and the same general truck. Compartment may tipping backward or sideways tipping, by manipulating the system control rod movement after the tipping more common, so the car tipping push rod. Few bi-tipping. High-pressure oil through distribution valves, tubing into the lift cylinder, the front cab car safety shield. Engine through the transmission, PTO driven hydraulic pump unit, hydraulic tipping mechanism by car tank, pump, distribution valves, hydraulic lifting cylinders, control valves and tubing, and other components. After the tipping more common, control rod movement by the operating system, the car can stop at any desired position on the slant. Car using its own gravity and hydraulic control reset.
The main technical parameters of the dump truck was loaded weight, and marked loading capacity. New or overhauled car factory commissioning must be carried out to make the car lifting process moving smoothly without strings. When you use the correct selection of the various parts of the lubricant should be required, saving time and labor unloading, note the lubrication cycle, lifting mechanism strict schedule swap oil. The rated load of the shipment, non-overloading.

Second, the dump truck classification

1. Press the chassis carrying capacity can be divided into light truck series dump, the dump tons of series and series of large-tonnage dump;
2. Drive the form can be divided into single-axle dump, Shuangqiaoshan dump, dump eight after the first four, the first four series of ten different models;
3. Uninstall hydraulic lifting mechanism can be divided into single and double top top dump dump.

Third, structural analysis dump truck

Tipper structure
Tipper mainly by hydraulic dump bodies, cars, trailers and accessories constituted. Where hydraulic dump bodies and car manufacturers are not the same structure of each modification, the following types of cars and lifting mechanism according to two aspects of the structure of the dump truck.

A car type
Knot car agencies use different types can be broadly divided into: ordinary rectangular compartments and mining bucket compartment.
Ordinary rectangular compartment for bulk cargo transportation. Subsequently board equipped with automatic opening and closing mechanism, to ensure the smooth unloading cargo. Generally rectangular carriage plate thickness: the front panel 4 to 6, the side plate 4 to 8, 5 to 8 the back plate, the base plate 6-12.
Mine bucket compartment is applicable to transport large stones larger size goods. Taking into account the impact of the goods and touching buildings, mining bucket cabin design more complex shapes, materials thicker. For example: ore bucket cabin configuration with standard thickness is: before 6 6 bottom edge 10, and some models welded some angle on the floor, in order to increase the car's rigidity and impact resistance.

Two types of lifting mechanism
Lifting mechanism is a core dump truck, dump truck is determine the merits of the primary indicators.
Type of lifting mechanism currently common are: F-type tripod zoom lifting mechanism, T-style tripod zoom lifting mechanism, lifting cylinder, the former top lift and two-sided roll.
Enlarge tripod type lifting mechanism is currently one of the most used way of lifting for 8 to 40 tons deadweight, car length of 4.4 to 6 meters. Advantage of the structure of mature, stable lifting and low cost; drawback is the compartment floor is closed and the main frame height larger plane.
Lifting cylinder form mostly used in the 6X4 truck, is the mounting of a multi-stage cylinder (usually 3 to level 4) on both sides of the bridge in front of the second fulcrum acts directly on the hydraulic cylinder on the compartment floor. Advantage of the lifting cylinder compartment floor and closed the main frame height smaller plane; drawback is difficult to ensure that the hydraulic system to synchronize two hydraulic cylinders, for poor students steady, the overall stiffness of the cabin floor higher.
Former top lifting structure is simple, the compartment floor and the main frame plane shut height can be small, good stability of the vehicle, the hydraulic system pressure is small, but the larger cylinder stroke before at most grade, high cost.
Rollover sided cylinder force is better, less travel, enabling double-sided roll; but more complex hydraulic lines, give students a higher incidence of rollover accidents.

Fourth, the selection

With the development and improvement of the country to buy tipper capacity dump truck is not living in the traditional sense of what it can do universal dump truck, from a design point of view is different goods, different conditions, different regions of the development of different products. This requires the user to purchase the vehicle manufacturers want to provide specific usage

1 Chassis
In the choice of chassis, generally considered by the economic benefits, such as: the price of the chassis, load mass, overload capability hundred kilometers, road maintenance and so on. In addition, users should consider the following parameters of the chassis:
① above the ground plane on the chassis frame. General 6x4 chassis frame above the ground plane for 1050 to 1200. The larger the value, the higher the center of gravity of the vehicle, the more likely to cause a rollover. The main factors affecting the value of the tire diameter, layout and main frame section height suspension.
② chassis rear overhang. This value is too much effect on the stability of raw dump truck lift, causing a rollover accident give birth. This value is generally between 500-1100 (except dump truck rollover).
③ vehicle matching rational use and reliable.

2 Tops
Currently converted dump truck manufacturers cohabitation, select manufacturers equally important than the choice of products. In addition to look at the product, but also the ability to understand the manufacturers of equipment, upload design, technology and equipment maturity, service commitments, and other accessories are able to buy.
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