The truck small accessories maintenance technology
Some people think that the automobile maintenance is to change the oil truck, this is very one-sided, is also wrong. Auto maintenance is a broad concept, including oil and filter every system of the engine replacement, cleaning (oil, gear oil, brake oil, transformer oil, oil, power since the antifreeze, glass of water, water filters, battery, oil filter, air filter, air filter etc.), automotive replacement of wearing parts maintenance such as belt, spark plug, batteries, tires, brakes, ball head, clutch, shock absorber etc., automotive beauty (washing, exterior paint care, indoor decorations nursing etc.).

Normal automobile maintenance to keep the vehicles performance, prolong its service life. This version of the first launched the car wearing parts and maintenance, is how to check and maintenance, at the same time in the conservation was found in the vulnerability of any phenomenon and the phenomenon that the car out of the question. Spark plug fault has the following two kinds of circumstances: spark plug ablation, spark plug top up scar, destruction or ablation electrode melting, all indicate that the spark plug is damaged, should be replaced. Spark plug sediments, spark plug insulator tip and electrode sometimes stick with sediment, serious when can cause the engine not working, such as cleaning the spark plug can be temporarily remedied, but must identify the root cause of failure.

The high pressure points on the spark plug wire successively removed, and marked the original location, in order to avoid installs. Note that the prior removal spark plug hole of dust and debris in the demolition, to prevent debris falling into the cylinder. When removing the spark plug socket stuck with the spark plug, turn the sleeve to remove it, and in turn row.

Replace spark plugs: spark plug for perishable items, the general driving 20000 - 30000 km that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement signs are not jump, or discharge in part by the ablation electrode in a circular. In addition, as found in the use of frequently spark carbon deposition, off the fire, generally because of the spark plug is too cold, to be used for hot spark plug; if issued impact sound hot ignition phenomenon or cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.

When the engine is running, the ignition high-voltage pulse current line often tens of thousands of volts, because of its long time working in high temperature, dust, vibration environment, inevitably aging and damage. Therefore, it is like a spark plug, but also the need for frequent replacement consumables. The ignition coil, if used correctly, can cause ignition coil damage, therefore, should pay attention to the following points: to prevent the ignition coil heat or moisture; when the engine is not running and don't open the ignition switch; regularly check and clean, fastening line joint, avoiding the short circuit or the ground; the control performance of the engine, to prevent excessive voltage; spark plug shall not be long "hanging fire; ignition coil on the moisture can only use a cloth to wipe up, can't use fire to bake, otherwise it will damage the ignition coil.

Now a lot of mechanic nicknamed "loader" dump truck, meaning will only change, no maintenance. In fact, as long as some parts according to the provisions of the maintenance, the service life is can be prolonged, the generator is one of them. Generally speaking, when the vehicle is 6-8 million kilometers, should overhaul generator, in addition, bearing of water pump, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor should also regularly check.

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