HOKA natural gas vehicles unveiled the Second China (Sichuan) International Logi

November 20 to November 22 , by the China International Trade Promotion Committee , Sichuan Provincial People's Government hosted the second session of the China ( Sichuan ) International Logistics Expo International Exhibition Center in Chengdu , China Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company HOKA LNG vehicles and Shantou Deca products unveiled this exposition and received critical acclaim. As the only one of the Expo automobile manufacturers representatives, deputy general manager of China Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Sales sail in the General Assembly made ​​an important speech , highlighted China 's heavy truck strong initiatives in the new energy vehicle development and promotion . Meanwhile to the participants of the logistics company detailing the advantages and services to protect China 's heavy truck gas products . New energy suppliers , equipment manufacturers Sichuan Petroleum Gas New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. said it would cooperate with the natural gas vehicle manufacturers in China Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company , to jointly promote clean energy and natural gas automotive industry in Sichuan development. China Sinotruk Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company and Sichuan Petroleum Gas , LNG refueling equipment manufacturers Hua Pu thick gas , LNG heavy trucks credit institutions formed consortium will jointly promote LNG heavy truck sales in the Sichuan region . In the extension phase of the first stage ( 2014-2018 ) , each LNG filling station supporting the promotion of 200-300 vehicles LNG heavy trucks .
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