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On June 14, Mr. Wang Zhaoguo, a member of CPC Central Committee, Vice Chairman of NPC Standing Committee, and ACFTU Chairman, with Jiang Yikang, Secretary of the Shandong Provincial CPC Committee, Director of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial People's Congress, Jiang Daming, Vice Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, Governor, Wang Min, a member of CPC Provincial Standing Committee, and Secretary of Jinan Municipal Party Committee and other leaders, visited CNHTC Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (CNHTC Jinan). In the Exhibition Hall of Jinan Commercial Vehicle Company, Wang Zhaoguo and other leaders have watched with great interest some of the products from Sinotruk, listened to reports of Ma Chunji, Chairman of Sinotruk, on enterprise products, production and operation, and business development strategy in the “12th 5-Year-Plan” period. Wang Zhaoguo boarded on HOWO-A7, and experienced in person its outstanding performance. Ma Chunji reported that, HOWO-A7 is the product of independent innovation of Sinotruk, which represents advanced level of domestic heavy-duty vehicles, and has been exported to foreign countries in large quantities. "This is great!” said Wang Zhaoguo with a smile of satisfaction in his face. On commercial vehicle assembly line of CNHTC Jinan, Wang Zhaoguo had a cordial conversation with the staff in front line production, Yan Wenjun, General Manager of Jinan Company’s, and Si Weigong, foreign Deputy General Manager. Looking at assembly line so clean and orderly, Wang Zhaoguo praised a lot: "When I was responsible for production (at the factory) (in early 1980s), the components were scattered anywhere on the ground, and that was chaotic in the workshop. Now it looks really good.” "From the technical equipment, what’s your level compared with China and the world advanced enterprises?” Ma Chunji answered: "The world-class, some technologies have been ahead of others." During the survey, Wang Zhaoguo asked about Sinotruk’s advanced technology, product quality control, workers' labor intensity, lives of workers, and trade union’s work, etc. in detail, and had understand the cooperation of Sinotruk with German Man, encouraging the enterprise reduce cost, improve quality, and increase efficiency. Wang Zhaoguo said that Sinotruk would have a good momentum for development and make important contributions to local government and society in the future. This is credited to good policies that our china had come on for enterprise to develop businesses in good times. Enterprise should give full play two important roles of trade union organization, one is to promote enterprise development, the other is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Before leaving Sinotruk, Ma Chunji presented a model of Sinotruk product to Wang Zhaoguo. Wang Zhaoguo said: "I have worked in the automotive industry for 30 years and have built up deep emotion with autos. Looking on the flourishing development of Sinotruk, I am really pleased. I wish Sinotruk more prosperous in coming years, and I wish Sinotruck’s staff healthy." Leaders of Shandong Province Federation of Trade Unions, Jinan City Federation of Trade Unions, and relevant provincial and municipal departments, Sinotruk leadership Wang Shanpo, Liu Wei, Li Guoxian have also made this survey with Wang Zhaoguo. Reporter: Qu Yunlei
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