SINOTRUK’s Independently Innovated Euro-V Heavy-Duty Truck Exports in High Qua
The handover ceremony for the first batch of SINOTRUK’s independently innovative Euro-V heavy-duty truck for export in large quantity to Brazil was held grandly in Jinan on May 22 and the first batch of 400 trucks were shipped to Brazil on the same day. This is the China’s first mass production of Euro-V heavy-duty truck and the China’s first batch export of heavy-duty truck with emission level above Euro-IV. In addition, it’s the Brazil’s first batch import of Euro-V truck. The Vice Governor of Shandong Province Cai Limin announced the official launch of handover ceremony for the first batch of SINOTRUK’s independently innovative Euro-V heavy-duty truck for export in large quantity to Brazil. Vice Governor Cai Limin, the Head of Shandong Commercial Department Lu Zaimo, the Vice Mayor of Jinan Zhang Haibo, and the Chairman of SINOTRUK Group Ma Chunji jointly inaugurated the first batch of truck for handover. CEO of Elecsonic Choir·Anderson joyfully received the “golden key”, which symbolizes the successful handover of trucks, from Ma Chunji. The Deputy Secretary General of China Chamber of International Commerce Lin Shunjie, the Deputy Secretary General of Shandong Provincial Government Zhang Zhongming, the Deputy Chief of Shandong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Shao Lihong, the heads of relevant Jinan’s departments, the General Manager of SINOTRUK Group Cai Dong, and the Chairman of Elecsonic Zhang Jianhua attended the ceremony. The Party Deputy Secretary and Vice Chairman of SINOTRUK Group Wei Zhihai hosted the ceremony. The General Manager of SINOTRUK Group Cai Dong delivered a speech at the ceremony. He introduced the relevant information of SINOTRUK on the implementation of “Going Global” strategy, the export information for last year and this year, the overseas layout, and the relevant information for export to Brazil. The Chairman of Elecsonic Zhang Jianhua said in his speech that the official shipment of first batch of SINOTRUK’s Euro-V heavy-duty truck on that day sufficiently proved that SINOTRUK possesses high technical level and production and manufacturing capability, which enhanced our confidence for cooperation with SINOTRUK. Brazil is one large truck market as well as one large and power truck manufacturing country. The SINOTRUK’s products that passed the Brazil’s strict legal regulations and strict inspection procedures sufficiently proved that SINOTRUK is one enterprise with proved technology and quality. Renowned for adhering to independent innovation and technology leadership, SINOTRUK is dedicated with great efforts to the development of high quality environment-friendly heavy-duty truck in recent years, aiming at the entry into international high-end heavy-duty truck market. At the beginning of 2011, on the basis of the successful development of China-IV (Euro-IV) emission standard compliant heavy-duty truck engine, SINOTRUK independently and successfully developed the China-V (Euro-V) engine, which passed the certification of U.K. Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) and obtained EU E-mark certificate in May, 2011 and passed Brazil environment protection certification at the end of 2011. The SINOTRUK’s Euro-V engine adopts electronically controlled high pressure common rail + selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, featuring the advantages of strong fuel compatibility, low fuel consumption, and high reliability and boasting complete proprietary intellectual property rights. SINOTRUK is cooperating with Elecsonic for joint development of Brazil market ever since 2009. Till 2011, SINOTRUK has exported to Brazil more than 2,300 sets of heavy-duty truck and established 35 4S shops. In April, 2012, two parties entered an official agreement on the establishment of KD plant in Brazil and on the export of 2,000 Euro-V heavy-duty truck to Brazil. The SINOTRUK’s 2,000 Euro-V heavy-duty trucks for export to Brazil this time are the products independently innovated by SINOTRUK, for which SINOTRUK boasts complete proprietary intellectual property rights, and represent the top level of Chinese trucks. The mass export of SINOTRUK’s Euro-V heavy-duty truck indicated that China’s national heavy-duty truck products have been capable of meeting the currently most stringent emission standard in the world and competing with European and American heavy-duty truck giants. In recent years, SINOTRUK insists on the concept of “Market-oriented, independent innovation, scientific development, and rational management”, proactively digests, absorbs, and introduces technology and takes the essences on one hand and on the other hand enhances the R&D investment, insists on independent innovation, and develops own proprietary technology to become the China’s most innovative heavy-duty truck leader. While adhering to the independent innovation, SINOTRUK also speeds up the implementation of globalization strategy and implements the “Going Global” strategy. At present, SINOTRUK has established 40 offices in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Middle Asia and Russia, and South Africa, 6 KD plants, and more than 240 dealership service points and formed a marketing capability for annual export of 30,000 heavy-duty trucks, with the export volume of heavy-duty truck ranked the first place in China’s heavy-duty truck industry for many years. The “SINOTRUK” brand heavy-duty truck products of SINOTRUK Group have been distributed to 96 countries and regions in the world. Till now, SINOTRUK has received export orders for 13,500 heavy-duty trucks this year, with year-on-year growth at more than 20%, which retains the first place among the China’s heavy-duty truck manufacturers
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