Sales Volume of SINOTRUK Natural Gas Truck Surges Sharply
Following the increasingly emphasis of the State over the energy-saving and environment protection and the continually increasing of the fuel cost, the natural gas heavy-duty truck has attracted increasing favor from the market. The market share of SINOTRUK Sales Department expanded continually, from the 78 sets in 2009, to 517 sets in 2010, and to 1,166 sets in 2011. For the 1st quarter of 2012, the order for natural gas product of SINOTRUK Sales Department hit 658 sets. Through the research on the national policy and market development trend, the SINOTRUK Sales Department timely advertized the advantages of SINOTRUK natural gas product to the market. At the same time, a special department was established to be in charge of the consultation calls for natural gas trucks, resolve the actual problems of the branch companies and branches in terms of the theory knowledge and product characteristics of natural gas product, and actively feed back the information in terms of product improvement, product quality, design improvement, and announcement expansion of natural gas products to the departments including Design and Production by means of routine working report and monthly working report of branch company. SINOTRUK Sales Department actively contacted with domestic large-scale energy companies and strived to establish strategic cooperation relationship and mastered the extensive information of domestic natural gas filling stations and the contact information of corresponding area, which laid the foundation for the business connection and mastering of natural gas filling station layout for the branch companies and local energy companies. In March, 2012, SINOTRUK Sales Department drove the signing of strategic cooperation agreement with two domestic large-scale energy companies. The strategic cooperation with energy companies drove the sales of SINOTRUK natural gas trucks. Various regional branch companies actively contacted with natural gas energy companies within corresponding region to start cooperation, share resources, and complement each other’s advantages and timely mastered the information of market users and conducted one series of promotion activities. This year, the branch companies in Shandong, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing in succession organized the customers to visit the Jinan plant. Through the visit of the manufacturing base, the customers were impressed by the strengths of the SINOTRUK and its natural gas products. Following the increasing sales volume of natural gas products, SINOTRUK established corresponding promotion demonstration sites depending on the different operation situations of the natural gas trucks, including the coal transport tractor truck demonstration site in Shanxi, the dangerous goods transport tractor truck demonstration site in Jiangsu, and the road transport dump truck (8×4) demonstration site in Henan. Following the use information and readiness situation of trucks, SINOTRUK will also establish the mixer truck demonstration site in Beijing and Jiangsu and the heavy-duty tractor truck demonstration site in Zibo, Shandong. Through the on-site investigation over the demonstration sites, the users of the natural gas truck truthfully introduce the operation benefits brought about by the natural gas trucks, which will powerfully promote the sales of natural gas trucks.
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